EGOCMS is a fee-based content management system for the Internet, intranet and extranet, which has been specially developed for large and very large projects.
To ensure that even several thousand editors can work together effectively, the requirements for ease of use, IT security, optimum availability and very high server performance must be guaranteed. Among the modules you will also find industry solutions for universities, municipal administrations and companies with high security requirements, which have grown through many years of co-operation and adaptations to the practice of many hundreds of customers.

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EGOCMS Basic Module

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EGOCMS - Modular structure

EGOCMS® is a modular Web Content Management System (WCMS), i.e. a content management system for recording, processing and managing complex company information. It serves both as an Internet portal for public announcements and as an information centre for internal company information.

Sophisticated security and authentication mechanisms protect against unauthorised access so that only authorised users can view information or make changes to the extent permitted.

EGOCMS® is based on a basic module, which can be expanded in any combination with a variety of additional modules according to a modular principle.

White modules

Developed for large and largest projects

The right solution for everyone

Industry-specific modules and solutions, e.g. for industry, clinics, universities, administration and much more.

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Clients & multi-site clones

It is possible to manage several websites with one installation.

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24/7 support

Direct live support to the manufacturer integrated. 24/7 support connection possible on request!

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