Live Support

Live Support in EGOCMS enables direct remote maintenance and support, whether from the producer or agencies. It integrates Helper.World to offer mutual help to editors. This feature ensures quick problem solving and offers flexibility in working with experts as well as internal support for editors.



The EGOCMS offers SEO features (Search Engine Optimisation) that help to optimise the visibility and findability of your website in search engines. This is crucial for attracting more visitors and increasing the reach of your online presence.


Rights management

Rights management in EGOCMS enables precise access control through group/role combinations based on NestedSets. Users can have multiple combinations that can be customised for different website areas. This ensures flexible and secure management of access rights.



The EGOCMS offers a comprehensive security solution that implements various protective measures and security standards for the system and data. This ensures that your data and systems are protected from possible threats by default and provides you with a comprehensive security structure.


User Import and Login

The EGOCMS login functionality provides a powerful user authentication and management solution, facilitating user login while enhancing security.



The design theme in EGOCMS offers the freedom and flexibility to design websites according to individual requirements and to insert dynamic content, which simplifies website design and maintenance.



The database connections in EGOCMS provide a comprehensive solution for data management, scalability and performance of your website or application. They enable the use of different database systems and help to ensure data security and system stability.

Editorial office


The EGOCMS provides comprehensive editorial functions that optimise content editing and management, facilitate media integration and make the approval process efficient.


Keyword register

The EGOCMS keyword register feature allows you to create and manage a central keyword register for your entire website. Keywords can be selected from this register on each individual page. This facilitates the consistent assignment of keywords and improved findability of content.