Easily and conveniently connected to your city!

As individual as your city
  • Opening hours & contact persons of authorities
  • Digital atlas for senior activities, car parks & playgrounds
  • Quick import and customisation of your corporate design
  • Set any number of filter functions for individual topics
Simply gain trust
  • All current information at a glance (e.g. special information such as flood warnings, traffic reports, etc.)
  • Push notifications can be set for individual topics (e.g. road closures, events)
  • Decision templates for the city council, e.g. municipal meetings
  • Simply stay in touch
Maintain once - use multiple times
  • Sustainable investment in urban infrastructure
  • Interfaces to the website
  • Synchronisation of the desired information between website & app
  • Management of various areas (e.g. daycare places, leisure activities)
  • Appointment booking via the app
Civic engagement
  • Understanding through a wide range of information
  • Report weak points with the defect detector via the app
  • Make various applications directly (e.g. daycare places, tree sponsorships, reporting to the lost property office, paying dog or vehicle tax)

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How does the city of Radebeul do it?

The town hall in your pocket. Here you will find facts about the town and further information on what exactly the Radebeul citizen app offers.


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