Modular design

EGOCMS® is a modular Web Content Management System (WCMS), i.e. a content management system for recording, processing and managing complex company information. It serves both as an Internet portal for public announcements and as an information centre for internal company information.

The EGOCMS® system concept is based on future-proof Internet technology, i.e. the information is displayed using a web browser regardless of location. This means that it doesn't matter where your employees, customers, suppliers or partners are located - they will always be informed precisely by the content management system.

Sophisticated security and authentication mechanisms protect against unauthorised access so that only authorised users can view information or make changes to the extent permitted.

EGOCMS® is based on a basic module, which can be expanded in any combination with a variety of additional modules according to a modular principle.


Developed for large and largest projects

The right solution for everyone

Industry-specific modules and solutions, e.g. for industry, clinics, universities, administration and much more.

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Clients & multi-site clones

It is possible to manage several websites with one installation.

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24/7 support

Direct live support to the manufacturer integrated. 24/7 support connection possible on request!

Customers who trust us

Our most popular modules

Automatic translation

The EGOCMS offers automatic translation of your content into other languages, utilising the capabilities of DeepL.

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Calendar of events

The Events module is a powerful tool that allows you to efficiently manage and present events on your website.


The EGOCMS offers a versatile workflow module that allows you to create customised workflows with any number of statuses.


Customise your newsletter and send it to all registered subscribers.

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