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DERMAFY - the dermatologist app you can trust

The founders of DERMAFY, passionate dermatologists, have created a simple solution for visiting a dermatologist with their app. With teledermatology, the DERMAFY app offers first-class medical treatment anytime, anywhere. No more waiting times - simply take photos, fill out a questionnaire, pay and receive a diagnosis, treatment recommendation and, if necessary, a prescription within 24 hours.


Dermafy app screenshot
Gbees app screenshot order

Gbees - Your ordering app

Gbees enables visitors to events to order drinks quickly and easily via app to avoid long waiting times. Easy handling and short waiting times allow more time for the actual enjoyment. Drinks can be selected and ordered via the app and then collected at the till using a QR code. Payment is possible both online and in cash. The app also enables communication with customers, for example to announce promotions such as a happy hour. Gbees has a flexible design and can be scaled for mobile or stationary applications as required.

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Food guidance system

at Studierendenwerk Mannheim

The canteen menu software offers an easy-to-update ingredient table. Display software controls screens in and around canteens, presents the menu and finances canteen operations through advertising. In order to provide advertisers with accurate statistics, detailed analyses of the advertisements are created. The canteen software integrates seamlessly with its own app and offers a web service interface to the menus for integration into other applications.

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